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I would like to return my order, what shall I do?



  • Kenny Milne

    I’ve been waiting several months for my bikes, you all sent me a tracking number 2 to 3 weeks ago that hasn’t updated sense. I’ve tried several times to get a hold of you but nobody will reply? What is going on?

  • Craig Apelbaum

    Early Saturday morning. I took the X Class 48 volt bike with 750 watt motor for a nice long ride here in Sheepshead Bay - Brooklyn, New York. From Haring Street, to Emmons Avenue, to Knapp Street, to home. 

          It was okay. I figured no more problems with the motor stopping, and then later restarting. But today early Sunday morning. It started out smooth sailing. Then the motor slowed down again. Shut the bike off. Walked it a bit Tried again a few times. No dice. 

          Then hooray. The bike came back to life. Put my goggles and helmet on. Rode to Emmons  Avenue. At least 42 miles per hour. The motor slowed down again. Stopped. Went through the same steps. Then it was okay. 

          I`m beginning to think, my original order, that Federal Express lost in their warehouse, was the better bike, without problems. And this replacement that Federal Express picked up from your store to send to me, is a lemon. 

           I have thoughts on getting a big box. dismantling the bike. Take off all my flame decals. Wash the bike. Take off my phone bag, tool bag, alarm, 2 rearview mirrors, saddle bag, wolf face and paws off. And return this thing to you for a full refund. But the cup holder and the rear cargo rack keep.  Or take the bike to a electric bike mechanic in his shop, that i used before to turn the front wheel around  the right way, that fixed the front brake on the left hand side. And put my twist throttle on .Because the original grips and thumb throttle, I took off and threw out. And explain the problem. Maybe he can fix it for me. I don`t know anymore.

        This is not a reliable bike for a means of transportation, and the enjoyment of riding anymore. From now on I deal with an electric bike store. At least with a bike store. I can bring the bike in. And have them fix the problem for me.


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