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When will you ship my order?



  • Terrance Johnson

    Please give me an estimate delivery date. Thanks

  • Mark Downey

    John's comment speaks the truth. My android doesn't even want me to download that tracking app.
    Wouldn't it be just as easy to provide a tracking # in an email?
    I will admit, I've emailed about 8 times and Jaime always responds quickly. Much appreciated.

  • John Dean

    Yes, I too have a concern.  The site says "In Stock" Ships in 1-5 days.  If it is 5 days, just say 5 days.  Communication is all we are asking for.  My expectations are VERY high after spending over $2000 on a bicycle.  I don't like having somebody take my money, then not give me SPECIFIC information about when I will receive what I've paid for.  Usually, I won't give money until I have a product in my grasp, so this floating of my $2000+ does not leave me with a good feeling.  The site about ship dates says "In Stock ships in 1 to 5 days"  But now the main page shows the bike I purchased as "Sold out" .  Also, why even have a phone number if it just is never answered?  I went against my normal practice and bought when I couldn't reach anybody by phone because of the great reviews, but to this point I am less than impressed. 


    I did receive an immediate email reply, and have been assured that the bike will ship as expected 1-5 days.  Maybe we are just spoiled with how companies like Amazon fulfill orders, or maybe a bit more communication would be appreciated.  I'm looking forward to receiving the bike, and I will update on how the process worked for me exactly.


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