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When will you ship my order?



  • Terrance Johnson

    Please give me an estimate delivery date. Thanks

  • John Dobbins

    Good communication is a high standard for businesses here in the United States.  My Brother is a Government Lawyer; whose communication skills are exquisite.  I've received no reply to my query on "When will my ebike arrive?"  I sent my full payment in, screen captured the receipt of my payment; but no delivery date was included.  In your reply email, you avoided my query about a delivery date; with an app you apparently expected me too download.  I reviewed this app; which turned up multiple "One Star Ratings" which I will not download.  I hope this isn't a refusal to give me a straight answer concerning my purchase.  "That was a lot of money."  Your website showed the bike I chose; too be in stock.  Today is Monday 5-9-22 @ 12:10 p.m.  I've seen good reports about you Jaime.  I pray things are o.k. for y'all in Utopia ! ! !

  • Mcd41563

    John's comment speaks the truth. My android doesn't even want me to download that tracking app.
    Wouldn't it be just as easy to provide a tracking # in an email?
    I will admit, I've emailed about 8 times and Jaime always responds quickly. Much appreciated.


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